Brag On God: Think and Thank All Month




November is the time when we should “Think and Thank” the Lord for his many blessings. Brag on God for 30 days of thanks. Everyday give thanks. Of course we should always give thanks unto the Lord. Giving thanks is remembering what the Lord has done for you and to you , your family and the community. Praise is honoring the Lord for who He is – the Lord of Lords, the everlasting King.

We should have thankful hearts for the great things God has done in our lives.  In Psalm 107 it states:

“ O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever”. Psalm 107:1

“And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving and rehearse His deeds with shouts of joy and singing! Ps 107: 22

Remember to give thanks unto the Lord for all that He has done. Think about His Goodness to you . He has allowed you to see another day. He has protected you from dangers seen and unseen. He has….

Begin to think and thank the Lord. Think and meditate on his loving kindness to you.  Then begin to thank Him and brag on God. Each day of the month I challenge you to share with someone what you are thankful for . You can even write it down  in a journal.

So its Day 2. Brag on God. Think and Thank. Give thanks all this month. Brag on God. Praise Him. State what you have to be thankful for and or praise Him for the mighty and loving God He is. Come on and give thanks #BragonGod #praiseGod #ThinkandThank

O give thanks unto the Lord! Call upon His name; make known his deeds among the people!(1Chronicle16:8-10) No matter what the circumstance give thanks that you have a prayer hearing God,that has unfathomable love for you! You are more than a conqueror. Thank God for that!

On Day 2 what are you thankful for ?

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader


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Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month where members celebrate the work of the men and women who serve as leaders of the flock. Pastors may appear as though they are so strong they do not need prayer. But I can assure you, any pastor genuinely called to the ministry knows he or she needs prayer; earnest, passionate, and effective prayer. So pray for him or her daily.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.   Believers should pray for their pastor and all pastors and all those who are spiritual leaders in the fivefold ministry. Pastors and other spiritual leaders need our prayers. It is a biblical principle to pray for pastors and others in spiritual authority over us. ( 1 Timothy 2:1-2) Paul asked the church to pray for Him. (1 Thess 5:25, Col. 4:3) Our prayers for the spiritual leaders enable them to perform the ministry God has called them to serve. I challenge you to write a prayer for your Pastor and send it to him or just pray.

Without the prayer support, pastors are more vulnerable to the wiles of the devil. It is for our own benefit to pray that God will make your pastor a great leader and teacher (See 1 Tim 2:1-4)
One of the most effective ways you can minister to your pastor is to pray for his personal and spiritual needs.

Praying For Your Pastor is very important. They are serving God and the attacks of the enemy are non -ceasing. They must be covered in prayer on a daily basis. Here are a couple of suggestions to encourage your Pastor.
1. Put a picture of your pastor(s) in your church prayer room to remind people to pray.
2. Distribute copies of your pastor’s preaching text to adult Sunday school classes so they can pray for the Word to go forth with power and authority before he preaches.
3. Ask church members to write prayers based on Scriptures and mail them to the pastor as an encouragement.
4. Write a short prayer for Your Pastor. October is Pastor Appreciation Month

5 Specific Ways to Pray for Your Pastor
Pray for your pastor to be:
1. Filled with the knowledge of God’s will
The will of God does not inflate a pastor’s ego, but it enlightens us to do what God wills for us to do.
Father, give my pastor the full knowledge of Your will in all things at all times, personally and for our church.

2 .Filled with all spiritual wisdom
Pastors will view life from one of two perspectives: The world or the Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit will always lead a pastor to the Word of God and the will of God. The Spirit of God will lead a pastor to view life and ministry from God’s perspective, not his own. His perspective will determine his decision making.
Heavenly Father, fill my pastor with Your wisdom and perspective about all things in his life, in our church, and in this world.

3. Filled with spiritual understanding
Spiritual understanding is the experience of seeing the facts and hearing the needed information, but being able to put these things together biblically, spiritually, and practically. A pastor’s leadership and decision making will be determined by the level of his spiritual understanding about whatever is before him.
Lord Jesus, fill my pastor with spiritual understanding that will help him put facts and information together biblically, spiritually, and practically.

4.  Walk worthy of the Lord
God wants his people, especially God-called pastors, to live in a way that is worthy of Him. Pastors represent the Lord everywhere they go. Pastors cannot say one thing, but live a different way. Walking worthy always leads to pleasing God and bearing fruit in every way in life.
Oh Lord, empower my pastor to walk in a way that would exemplify You to all persons, pleasing You in all ways, and bearing fruit in every way before others

5. Strengthened with God’s power
Pastors should be full of spiritual vitality. Pastors need the spiritual strength to overcome the challenges of each day in ministry. Submission to God daily will lead to God’s power. This power is so strong that a pastor is able to endure stress and suffering that ministry brings. It is so powerful that he will refuse to retaliate in any way toward difficult people and circumstances. It is even so strong that he will live life and do ministry with true joy that overflows with thanksgiving to God. Every pastor needs this kind of power.
Oh God, strengthen my pastor with Your power that fills him with spiritual life daily, including the difficult days of life and ministry; and leading him to persevere with joy and thanksgiving.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader ( Portions of the way to pray was by Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church)


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Arise! Pray for College Students

Arise! Pray for our college and university students and campuses.We want our children to further their education to enable them to enter the career of their choice and to become productive citizens. While college is a great new journey for our youth, there is a lot of temptation on college campuses. We have seen the effects of shooting on campus where parents once believed their youth would be safe.

The movie “God’s Not Dead” depicts the struggle between a Christian student and an atheist professor. Let’s pray strategically for our college students. We know that college students are faced with a new environment, meeting new people from various backgrounds and higher levels of learning. Many of our young adults still may be impressionable as they are faced with a new freedom many have never experienced.  As moms and dads, we need to arise to pray as college students need prayer just as our school-age children.


As we pray for colleges and universities, it is important for us to understand the seductive and evil influences that exist to attempt to capture the souls and minds of our youth. Therefore our prayers for them are essential as they begin to face many issues. We want them to be equipped with skills and education that will prepare them to make a successful living and to live productive lives. Yet they are still subject to the issues of the world.  College statistics indicate that state college students engage in binge drinking (90%), are having sex, use drugs (80%), and have suicidal thoughts(18%). Yes. Arise college students need prayer.



  1. Name your college children and relatives and the college they attend. We will pray for and with you and the students.
  2. Pray for college students and adopt a college campus for which you will pray at least 10 minutes a day or three times a week.
  3. Join with other moms and dads with college students and pray together once a week or once a month
  4. Pray with your college students. Encourage them to pray.

Here are a few prayers for college students that you might want to use as you pray. These can easily be adjusted for use by you, by others who love them and want to lift up intercessory prayers for college students, and what the college students can pray as well for themselves.

Prayer Points for College Students:
1. Lord, I pray that you keep my child grounded in the Word and remember his/her training. Lord, I pray that he /she_____ has a hunger for truth and a curiosity about Your Word, followed by a love and understanding for it. (Psalm 119:97, 104).
2. Lord, I pray that ____ and college students will stand firm and follow you their entire lives. Let nothing, philosophy and new things they learn turn them away from You.
3. Lord for my child_____ or the student that does know you I pray that _______ will be led to salvation by the power of the Holy Ghost. I pray that an open door for the message of Christ will be proclaimed on the university and college campuses. For students who believe in You give them boldness to witness to Your love and glory. Open the hearts of students, faculty, and administrators so they can respond to the message.
4. Holy Spirit convicts believing students of sin and help them to abstain from it  Empower them to walk in Your ways and to live lives that their unbelieving peers will see their good deed and give YOU glory. (1 Peter2:11-12)

We want transformation on our campuses and in the nation. Let us pray the following key points as we pray for colleges, universities and their students as follows:

1 Pray for a revelation of Jesus and righteousness among college administrators, faculty, and staff. Pray that all their vast knowledge will lead them to God rather than to arrogance and honor of humanistic philosophy.

  1. Pray for a harvest of Kingdom ministries in every vocation and field of study. Pray they learn to explain the good news of Jesus of various groups including the “hip-hop” community and others.
  2. Pray for religious freedom to talk about Christ flourish. Pray for students to courageously stand up for their faith rather than submit to university pressures. Pray for administrators to value religious freedom as much as they value academic freedom. Ask God to turn persecution into good for believers on campus.
  3. Pray for truth to rise to the top. Students are seeking truth and making truth claims. Pray for God to help students discern good from evil. Pray for light to expose darkness. Pray for the claims about Jesus to be seen as the ultimate truth and different from the myriad of other religious options on campus. Pray for speakers and teachers who can articulate and prove the authenticity of biblical teaching on the campus.
  4. Pray for God to stay the hand of the enemy and bind evil and violent spirits on the campus against stabbings, date rape, gun violence, and racism. Lord my Deliverer, deliver and protect students and faculty from evildoers and enemies.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader copyright Sept.21,2016, 2017. The 1-4 prayer points of this article are from “How to Pray for God’s Movement on Campus” by Jeremy Story, president of Campus Renewal Ministries. Linda D. Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” serves as the prayer leader for her church home. Further, she serves as a prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the “Prayer Boot Camp” with the Global Missions Prayer Force and as a guest intercessor and volunteer for Girlfriends Pray a global prayer ministry. She served as Prayer Coordinator for over 13 years( later Director over the Prayer Ministry) for the Lydia Circle Christian Business and Professional Women. As part of the Lydia Circle, she has led over a dozen prayer boot camps, and has lead prayer services and workshops in the Bahamas and in South Africa and was on the prayer team of a medical missions trips to Jamaica.


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Prayer and Encouragement for Teachers


Prayer and Encouragement For Teachers


Teachers are important and need prayer and encouragement. I salute qualified teachers who are dedicated to the work and who care about the students. They are so important and deserve decent pay. We want to make sure that teachers are qualified and care about delivering quality education without regard to the race or economic status of the student.

We have been praying specifically and strategically for our children who are a target of Satan.     God’s  power is released as we pray. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His heritage. (Psalm 33:12 AMP)

We must also be committed to praying for our teachers. In addition to prayer, we also need to provide the encouragement and cooperation that teachers need to educate our children. Encouragement refreshes and lifts emotions. It energizes people to do their best. 1 Thessalonians 5:11a NIV says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.”

I salute those qualified teachers who work countless hours. Many have to address disciplinary and emotional issues  that affect their ability to teach effectively. Let’s send a big “THANK YOU” to all those who work diligently to give our children the best education possible.

Parents need to partner with teachers as they cannot do the job alone.  As  parents, grandparents and guardians, we have a responsibility to train up these precious children (our future generation) in the reverence and admonition of God – to teach them the ways of God. We want our children to respect authority figures and be held accountable for negative actions of disrespect and negative behavioral issues. Parents and teachers should work together for the good of the child such as  making sure a child does his /her homework, address disciplinary issues and emphasizing the importance of studying and obtaining an education.

Most of our teachers are doing their best to promote a healthy learning environment. We need teachers who are committed to effectively teaching our children.  Schools must be safe for teachers as well as students.

On the other hand we must guard against negative attitudes of teachers that adversely affects how and what they teach children. There are self-centered people who hold jobs in our educational system that are not concerned with the proper development of our children. They are there to promote their own agendas or there simply to draw a paycheck.

Let us assume our responsibility and involve ourselves in the education of our children. Parents, let your child’s teachers know that you will work with them to build the character of your child. We need to continually uplift the entire educational system and all those involved the mountain of education which includes our teachers and administrators.

The prayer of agreement is powerful and we must join our voices and hearts to consistently pray for those involved in educating our children. Below are specific prayer points to pray for our teachers.

Prayer Points for Teachers
• Pray for our school teachers to have the wisdom needed to effectively impart knowledge to their students in a manner that helps the child learn best. A wise teacher makes learning a joy… (Proverbs 15:2a)
• Pray for our school teachers that God will give them the grace to deal with day-to-day frustrations and problems.
• Pray that our school teachers would exhibit the life of Christ before our children. That they would be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

Pray teachers will be patient and careful when giving instructions and teaching the various subjects along with teaching with godly wisdom. Those who interact with our students will operate with the fruit of the Spirit, demonstrating love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Pray for the one in charge of the screening and hiring of teachers, and pray that he/she recruits effective teachers with integrity and a true heart for teaching children for our schools. ( See Matthew 9:38)
• Ask God to rise up Godly educators who are dedicated to their field and can capture the hearts and minds of our nation’s youth on each level of education. (Colossians 1:9-10)
• Pray our educators will pray unceasingly for guidance and wisdom to become the examples to their students. (I Peter 2:21) Pray they will know how to pray for their students.
• Pray that teachers will impart godly wisdom to form godly character in their students. (Luke 6:40)

Pray for the safety and protection of the teachers. Dismantle any threats or plans against them



The Challenge:

  • State the name of your child or college student and their school.
  • Adopt a school or college in your community or where your child attends to daily pray for using the prayer points from prior posts.
  •  State your name or the name of a teacher you want to pray for.
  • If you are a teacher or educator please state your name and your prayer request(s)

Fervently Pray, Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader ,





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Back 2 School Prayers for Student Academics


             Join us in praying for our school age children, youth and college students this month. This week we want to pray “back 2 school prayers ‘ for our children’s desire to learn and for students’ academics. Write the name of your child, teen, and college student, age, and the name of their school and college. Pray daily for our children for salvation, protection, academics and more. Follow the daily prayer focus. Adopt a school or college and pray for it.…journey-days-1-5/ ;…urney-protection/

We want our children to receive the very best education and to reach their full potential. Therefore we want to pray back to school prayers for our children’s  and college students’ academic studies. Here are a few prayer points and then a prayer  for our children’s  ability to learn and study. Pray the following prayer point  daily:

  • Pray that our children will be open to learning new knowledge and to acquire both secular and spiritual knowledge. Pray that God would give them the wisdom to know how to understand and use that knowledge  rightly and for good. (Proverbs 22:6) (2 Timothy 2:15)

Prayer for Student Academics:

Father, I pray for ____________________________________ who is facing the new school or college year and the challenges and difficulties of school responsibilities. Impart your wisdom to him/her so that he/she will understand that wisdom is the principal thing. Motivate him/her to seek wisdom and to gain understanding.

Grace and mercy come from you, Lord. As you did for Daniel and three Hebrew children, I ask that you give my children knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom that he/she they may be excellent in all his/her their school work and activities.

You are a very present help to____________________ __________________in all areas of his/her life. Help him/her to call upon you when the demands of scholastic life threaten to overwhelm him/her.

May________________ realize that you have a plan and purpose for his/her life. Gave him/her the motivation to pursue your goals for him/her. Protect him/her from all harmful influences.
Keep him//her mind stayed on you. When philosophies and theories of this world oppose his/her faith, help him/her to maintain a constant focus on you, to run his her course with patience, looking unto you. Lord Jesus, the author, and finisher of his/her faith.

Bless __________ with clarity of mind as he/she studies. Help him/her to be diligent and to avoid the error of procrastination concerning assignments. Remind him/her to remain faithful even in the things he or she may consider unimportant.

Give him/her faith in your promise, as he/she faces tests and exams, that by your great Comforter, the Holy Spirit, you will bring all things to his/her remembrance.

Thank you for providing us with all we need to meet the challenges of life. You have equipped _____________with the necessary abilities to do well in school. Help _____to remember to be thankful to you for the abilities and aptitude you have given to him/her.  (Scriptural References  Proverbs 4:7;Proverbs 4:5; 1Timothy 1:2; Daniel 1:17, 5:14′ Psalm 46:1; Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 26:3; Hebrews 12:2; Proverbs 17:17; Luke 16:10; John 14:26;Ephesians 5:20)        ( by Richards and Hildebrand )

Linda Fegins, “Prayer Leader”

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United Back 2 School Prayers Journey- Protection

United Back 2 School Prayers-Protection

Cry Out in United Back 2 School Prayers by Linda Fegins

Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children” (Lam. 2:19)

The day after the Labor Day is the first day of school for public and private schools around the world although many returned to school last week. We need to consistently pray united back to school prayers for our children, parents, teachers, the school board and the entire school system. Through prayer, families, our children’s lives, and our world can be changed. God will show us how to use the power that believers have within through the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our schools and deliver them from violence, disorganization, and poor administration. Through united consistent prayer, God will give us the power, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity to solve the many school problems that plague our city schools and school board. Through prayer the right leaders will arise to enable the community to come together to take productive and strategic action to transform our educational system and our schools.

We need to pray for the educational mountain sphere that affects our children and youth’s minds and impacts their lives. Yes, our educational system can be changed significantly by united (corporate) and individual prayers.  Let us pray and put as I always say “put hands and feet” on those prayers and take strategic action to make a difference in our school system.

Pray for the school your child attends as you drive your child to school. Pray for a school in your neighborhood. Encourage your children to pray for their school and teachers.

Parents and the community need to unite in prayer in our neighborhoods and on the school grounds to serve as prayer warriors who battle in the spiritual realm for the lives of children and teenagers as they go off to school and colleges for at least a half hour to one hour each day.

Let’s challenge ourselves to daily pray for the protection of our children and that God will deliver them from evil and thwart every scheme of the enemy.
Here’s a prayer for the safety of your children.

A Prayer for Your Child’s Protection and Safety

Heavenly Father, you are the sure defense of our children, you are the rock of refuge, their high tower, and their protector. How I praise you and thank you for the certain knowledge I have that you care for my child, you will be with him/her always and you will keep him/her from the evil one.

Lord, you saved Israel from the hands of the enemies time and time again. You delivered your people and helped them to dwell in safety. Be a very present help to my son/ daughter__________________ (state their name) as he/she goes out to play, goes to school, walks on the school ground and sits in the classroom , attends college and faces the challenges and responsibilities in our society.

Lord build a hedge of protection all around the school building, playground, bathrooms, classroom and hide them under the protection of your wings as in Psalm 91 in the name of Jesus.

Lord in the name of Jesus we pray that you cover my children and the children and youth around the world through the blood and “stay the hand of violence against the children and staff of the school. Dismantle any plan to bring harm to them. Expose any weapon brought on the school premises and render it harmless”fn.1.

Keep our home safe from all fear and dispatch your angles to protect my children at school, on campus, on the playground, on the bus and walking home from school. Uphold my child, ______according to your Word, Lord, so that he/she might truly live, experiencing the abundant life you have promised to all who come to you. Let him/ her never be ashamed of you. Hold him/her up so that he/she will always be safe and will have respect to your statues continually. I pray that he/she will honor You and your Word. I thank you, Father for the promises of your Word, and that You are a shield unto them that put their trust in you. Deliver them from all who would harm them.

Your name, O Lord is a strong tower into which the righteous may run and find security, safety and protection. Amen.

Psalm 56:9; Psalm 94:22; Psalm 144:2; Deuteronomy 32:38; 1Peter 5:7; Matthew 28:20; Galatians 1:4; Psalm 46:1; Matthew 4:6; Psalm 91; Psalms119:116-117; Proverbs 30:5
(Prayers That Prevail for Your Children by Richards and Hildebrand and fn1 by Ida Rose Heckard).

Fervently Pray,

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader”.

Linda D. Fegins, “The Prayer Leader”.  Linda Fegins, serves as a prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the Intercessory Prayer Ministry at her church. Further, she has served as a prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the “Prayer Boot Camp” with the Global Missions Prayer Force and as a guest intercessor and volunteer for Girlfriends Pray, a global prayer ministry. She served as Prayer Coordinator for over 13 years (later Director over the Prayer Ministry) for the Lydia Circle Christian Business and Professional Women. As part of the Lydia Circle she has lead over a dozen prayer boot camps, and has lead prayer services and workshops in the Bahamas and in South Africa. She served on the prayer team of a medical mission’s trip to Jamaica under the leadership of Rev. Jackie McCullough.

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Back 2 School Prayers Journey (Days 1-5)



Welcome to the BACK 2 SCHOOL Prayers Journey  ~ September 1-30, 2017.
Join us our month-long prayer campaign for all students from pre-K to college and other educational institutions and schools.  State your child’s name, school, college, and age and we will pray for you. You can send them to me at the email below and/or you can also add your child’s name and school/college at .

Parents and the community need to call for united prayer for the lives of children, teens and college students attending schools and colleges around the world. Let’s begin to cry out to the Lord for the students, teachers, educators, and school staff in our communities.Cry out today “Lord bless our schools”, See Lam 2:19 and then also specifically and scripturally pray daily.
Action Plan:
1. Join us in praying for our school age children, youth and college students this month. Write the name of your child, teen, and college student, age, and the name of their school and college.

2. Pray daily for our children for salvation, protection, academics and more.
3. Adopt a school to pray for in your neighborhood or in any place throughout your city. Pray for the school of your child ‘s school or college.
4. [Pray daily] I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school throughout the world will be covered in prayer.
5. Prayer Focus for Friday Day 1; Saturday Day 2; Sunday Day 3

Day 1- Spiritually
Pray that your child will understand the Gospel and learn to apply biblical principles to every aspect of life. Lord, lead my children to trust in Jesus for his or her eternal salvation so that they can be a light at school, the community and everywhere they go. Let them be assured that their souls are secure in Your hands ( John 3:16, 10:28-29)

Day 2- Relationship to the teacher
Pray that your child will develop a deep respect and appreciation for his/her teacher and will act respectful of all authority figures. Father, may the student, staff, and teachers experience a positive respectful relationship and Your love in profound and authentic ways ( John 13:35)

Day 3- Relationship to peers

Pray that your child will develop a close bond with his peers and that he/she will choose friends wisely. Lord provide my children with friends at school and in the community who are supportive and truthful. Keep them from relationships that provide negative peer pressure and would draw them into temptation and away from You. ( Prov 27:5-6; 1 Corn 15:33)

Day 4- Wisdom    

Pray that your child will develop the ability to discern right from wrong and put it into practice on a daily basis at school and in the community. Lord bless my children with wisdom, and give them a hunger for you, to study and learn more at school. Fill them with a thirst for knowledge of Your Word and to study at school their school work. (Prov 3:13; James 1:5; Prov 9:10)

Day 5- Intimacy with God

Draw my children in a personal relationship with You that they may taste your goodness and long for you. Let them know you will watch over them at school and that they are not alone at school when mother and father cannot be there. ( Ps. 27:8 ;34:8; John 14:16-17).

Blessings to parents, students, and the community.

Pray fervently, Linda D. Fegins “The Prayer Leader”




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Prayer Tools and Pointers for Parents

Prayer Tools  and Pointer for Parents

School is back in session. Join Global Missions Prayer Force, Founder Minetta Hare; The Children of Hope Partnership Campaign, Visionary Apostle Hare; Messiah Baptist Church and others as we pray for our children, schools, teachers and the educational system. The few prayer pointers for parents provide effective ways to pray for your children.

Global Mission Prayer Force and the Children of Hope Partnership Campaign kick off their Back to School Prayer Campaign on September 1, 2017. Please provide your child’s name, age and school so we can corporately and individually pray for them.


Prayer is the most powerful parenting tool for mother and fathers. Here are a few creative ways for parents -you to pray for children. Use these tools as you pray for your children without ceasing. 1 Thess 5:17. However, remember every parent should take the time to sit before the Lord to pray for their children.

  1. Drive –through prayer. We have drive through banks, restaurants, and pharmacies. Why not drive through prayer? When you drive through your neighborhood, past schools and friends’ homes, you can pray for kids and their families. Intentionally drive past your children’s schools and pray for the school. One mother said she drove intentionally past her children’s junior high school. The time spent praying was less than a minute but several times a week over 2 years amounted to a lot of prayers. Get out and stand in front of the school and pray there on the grounds.
  2. Write it down. Like grocery shopping without a list, you have a hard time remembering what to pray about without writing it down. Keep a small notebook in your purse and a larger one in your home to remind yourself of how you can specifically pray for your family needs. Yes, write specific concerns to pray for children.
  1. Double the effort. Join with another parent or a group of friends. “I’ll pray for your kids if you’ll pray for mine” motivates.  Agree to pray for a particular length of time, such as a school year or sports season. Knowing that your friend is counting on you should motivate you.
  2. Double the effort by parents joining to pray in a prayer of agreement for 5 minutes twice a week. You agree what you are praying about for your children and call on the phone or on a conference call line. You can also meet for coffee to pray for your children at the same time and place.
  3. Pray by the book. “Pray as you read” is another great method. One mother shared that when she read about Daniel facing the lions, she seeks God for the kind of courageous faith for her children. Queen Esther’s confidence in God’s faithfulness becomes a prayer request for your daughter. Paul’s boldness is something one mother prays for her sons.  In addition, browse the Psalms for specific prayers: “Your word is a lamp to (child’s name)’s feet and a light for his/her path” (Psalm 119:105) or “Teach (child’s name) O’ Lord, to follow your decrees: then (he or she) will keep them to the end”. (Psalm 119:33).
  4. In the moment. Sometimes as you working doing your daily rounds: walking the dog, driving to work and preparing dinner pray. Review all the activities posted on the refrigerator door gives you the place to start. I think this is what the Apostle Paul meant when he encouraged us to “pray continually”. ( 1Thess 4:17).

Empowering ideas for praying for your children by Letitia Suk, Evanston, Illinois.

Linda Fegins “The Prayer Leader”

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Walk and Pray With Kids-Tips and Tools

Walk and Pray with Your Kids-Tips and Tools

The summertime is a great opportunity for you to teach your children to pray in a more active way by going outside on family prayer walks through your neighborhood. Here are a few tips to guide your children.
1. Be clear about the goal. This is the time to teach your children how to pray in an engaging way. Secondary benefits such as family conversation can result. The goal of prayer walking is to teach your child to pray.
2. Have a realistic expectation of your children taking into account their age, attention span and willingness to pray out loud.

As you prayer walk together allow the wonders of God’s creation to lead you to praise and thank Him.
a. Ask your children, “What sounds do you hear? If they hear birds singing, praise God for the beauty of birds and their ability to sing.
b. If your child notices a pretty flower say, “Let’s thank God for making flowers”.

Pay attention to the people you see and offer simple prayers for neighbors as you walk past their homes.
a. Jointly ask God to bring your child’s friend to know Jesus.
b. Invite your children to pray specifically and by name:”Please heal Mrs. Brown from cancer”.
c.Ask the Holy Spirit to show your family how to pray for a neighborhood-then pray in faith!

When you prayer walk together, your children will learn to pray by hearing you pray. Keep it fun and praise God for any growth you witness.

(Pointers  from Jeff Mendoza a prayer coordinator for a global international team)


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I Don’t Care What I Look Like (What About You?)

We should praise the Lord with our whole heart. Do we truly praise the Lord without shame and are able to say,”I don’t care what I look like”? Are we afraid of appearing undignified? Well, I have learned to praise the Lord with all of my heart. I listened to  the following song:



I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my King
Nothing, Lord, is hindering the passion in my soul
I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my King
Nothing, Lord, is hindering the passion in my soul

And I’ll become even more undignified than this
Some would say it’s foolishness
But I’ll become even more undignified than this
Leave my pride by the side

Songwriter – Matt Redman


You know how when you first hear a song you jump to a conclusion and say “I don’t like that song?” Well, undignified praise was not for me, until . . .


I was intrigued as I read the story of King David “dancing in the street.”  In 2 Samuel, we have a king, “dancing in the street” and not caring or worrying about what others thought. The King had overseen the return of the Ark, and as it returned he couldn’t contain his joy. I’m sure joy bells were ringing in his soul. The joy in his heart and soul made him “dance with all his might,” leaping and dancing. I’m sure if they would have had break dancing back in the day, he would have been spinning around on the ground. It had to be a sight to see because as his wife, Michal, King Saul’s daughter, watched from her window, she didn’t care for her husband’s, the king, behavior. She was so disgusted, she despised him in her heart.


After celebrating with Israel and returning home to rejoice with Michal, she met him at the door with a rolling-head attitude, and sarcastically mocked him: “How glorious the King of Israel looked today! He exposed himself to the girls along the street like a common pervert” (2 Samuel 6:20). King David didn’t let that steal his joy. He responded by saying, “It was before the LORD, who chose me, who appointed me ruler over the LORD’S people, Israel – I will celebrate before the Lord – I will become even more undignified than this” (2 Samuel 6: 21,22a).


The definition of undignified is “appearing foolish, lacking in dignity, demeaning, unworthy and unbefitting. David, the man after God’s own heart, was so in tune with God’s heart that he was unconcerned with the thoughts of the one who should have known his love for his God. He did not mind looking “undignified” for the Lord. His focus was on glorifying the true and living God and proclaiming, “Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and for evermore. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the LORD’S name is to be praised. The LORD is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens” (Psalms 113: 2-4).


His anointed words are prayers for my life – “becoming more undignified” in my celebration for the goodness and greatness of the LORD. I pray that I completely release my fears and worship with great joy and expectation, inside and outside of the walls of the sanctuary. Oh to have the courage of David, to be willing to look foolish in the eyes of people in order to worship God truly and honestly.

“Song of Joy”


Gracious LORD God, You are worthy of all worship and adoration. The times I need to worship You with all my might isn’t just in the good times, but also more when I’m facing something completely out of my control. I’m understanding even more now it’s when l speak or sing of God’s wonderful power and majesty that You bring wisdom and peace. Forgive me for letting others’ opinions influence how I worship and praise You. Holy Spirit, please help me to focus more on your majesty and less on myself. I Love You, Lord! In Jesus Name, Amen.


Carol Turnbough aka “Song of Joy” – Song of Joy teaches and ministers to children and youth. She loves to praise God with her whole heart. She writes songs and skits to the glory of God and serves on the Music Ministry of Messiah Baptist Church in Detroit, MI. She also serves on the Christian Education Administrative Team and teaches Sunday School.


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